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Become an affiliate for this product and earn 50% commission per sale!

Becoming an affiliate is free and easy! This website uses CLICKBANK® to handle all sales and payouts for this product. CLICKBANK® is a large company that provides billing for over 30,000 products and services. If you don't have an account with CLICKBANK® you can create your CLICKBANK® account below. It's completely FREE and it takes less than 1 minute to complete. You can receive affiliate payments weekly. CLICKBANK® handles all processing and payments.

If you haven't signed up yet, click here to sign up for free with CLICKBANK® to get your affiliate identity (nickname). Just complete the simple form on their website.

If you already have a CLICKBANK® account then you can create your unique cloaked/encrypted affiliate link , click here.
*Note: you must be signed in to your account for the link above to work properly! This page will create a cloaked/encrypted link for this product.

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Promotional Images You Can Use


src="http://www.howtobuybusinesses.com/affiliate_images/buybizbook.jpg" border="0px" /></a>



src="http://www.howtobuybusinesses.com/affiliate_images/buybizbook-m.jpg" border="0px" /></a>



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Driving Traffic To This Site

Just place YOUR link in your ads, emails or on your website when promoting this product.

Their are many ways to drive traffic to this website, here are just a few examples:

PPC - Pay Per Click: The biggest and best source of traffic, the scope for PPC is huge. You can bid on all sorts of keywords related to business.

Forums: Forums generally have large user bases. If you run a forum, try running a few banners across the top of the template for a few weeks. If you post on forums, put your affiliate link in your signature and watch the commissions roll in.

Social Network Sites: Social network sites are absolutely teeming with two things - target demographics, and low cost clicks. Costs are low because the click through rate is low, and the quality of "buying traffic" is low. People on social networks generally aren't looking to spend any money. But when the offer is good they will buy - and my offer is that good.


Email Marketing

Email Marketing: Put your affiliate link in all your personal emails. If you have an opt-in list for people that want to start a business or get into a business for themselves, send out a recommendation to your list.


Email Marketing - Anti SPAM Agreement

SPAMMING is Not Allowed!!!
Sending of unsolicited and mass emails of any kind to promote the product as an affiliate is strictly not allowed.

What exactly is SPAM?
Any unsolicited message such as email etc. sent via Usenet, Message Boards, Discussion Groups, and Newsgroups etc. Unsolicited means anybody, business, or company receiving your message did not ask for it, and you have had no previous contact with the person, business, or company receiving your message.

What Happens If You Do SPAM?
I DO NOT tolerate Spamming! If you are spamming you will be reported to CLICKBANK® and have your payments withheld. Members of any affiliate programs relating to this product will be terminated. You could be subject to the state and federal penalties under the laws that apply (CAN-SPAM Act). IME – Information Master Extreme will not tolerate Spam. If you know anyone that has violated this Policy, please contact us.



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